NOW Is the time to work on that high school equivalency diploma!

Westchester Library System has new resources and personalized support.

With a high school diploma, you’re more likely to land a job that provides a higher salary in addition to health insurance and retirement benefits. For many jobs, it is the minimum educational requirement for starting out and getting ahead.

If you are an adult who is motivated to get a high school diploma, you can do it.  There are resources and support available from many organizations, including Westchester Library System.  Our HSE Connect! program can help you plan and work towards your diploma.  We work with you to find a local class and to use the several free tools that we make available for study. Download our free guide on the paths to a diploma or attend one of our monthly Information Sessions to find out what’s available.  You can find both options at

NEW THIS YEAR:  EssentialEd’s TASC Academy. We’re excited to offer TASC Academy because it is targeted and efficient.  After taking a quick “Skills Check-Up” in TASC Academy, you are able to start with a focus on what you need to learn to pass the test.  While the program is entirely online, HSE Connect! can partner you with a live Study Coach.  Our Coaches are trained program volunteers who will monitor your progress, assist when you are stuck, and keep you focused.  

What our students say about TASC Academy and our Coaches:

“…Essential Education helps me alot and gets me to practice every day.  I’m glad I’m studying online and can see my scores move up!”  

“Thanks for setting me up with my Coach.  We spent an hour together today.  She really helped to explain things. I’m looking forward to next week’s session.”

“When I was laid off from  my job I tried again with the TASC exam and passed everything but math. I knew I would need extra help, so I did some research and found HSE Connect.  MyCoach was great; he went step-by-step breaking down the rules of mathematics for me ..I took the test six months later and I passed!”

Preparing for your HSE works best if you can put at least five hours each week toward your goal.  This could include time you schedule with your Study Coach to work together on the materials.  

To study for your HSE and use TASC Academy, you will need a library card.  Don’t have one?  We can help with that too!  

HSE Connect! – Learn what you need and meet your goals.  

P.S.  Do you learn better in Spanish?  If you prefer to take the TASC in Spanish, good news – TASC Academy will be available in Spanish in May 2021.