About WLS

Westchester Library System (WLS) collaborates with 38 libraries in Westchester County to provide access to resources and services and to enhance and support library service for the more than 940,000 residents. We are one of New York State’s 23 public library systems which were established in 1958 by State Education Law.

Servicing Westchester Libraries

WLS works to reduce the libraries’ costs by providing centralized services to enrich the 38 libraries in Westchester, including:

  • Managing the online library system and the Internet access system for the County’s libraries, which includes more than 600 public access computers available at the libraries.
  • Maintaining the online catalog of library holdings, reference databases, and downloadable audio books.
  • Cataloging of library materials you use for easier access through descriptive records by author, title, subject, as well as many key words–even in Spanish.
  • Operating a delivery system that transports over 2 million items annually.
  • Professional consulting for services, programs, planning, budgeting, administration and management in the areas of Youth Services, Outreach Services, Prison Services, Youth Connections, Educational & Career Counseling, and Adult Services.
  • Providing workshops and other professional training opportunities for library staff and trustees.
  • Promoting the importance of library service within the County and to local and State legislators.

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