Be informed. Get Support. Feel Better. … at the Library

Westchester Library System offers information on vaccines, a support helpline, and tools to feel better…all in one spot – Community Conversations.

Westchester Library System (WLS) has three programs that can help anyone impacted by the upheaval of the last 12 months to find resources, get support, and feel better.  Information on all three can be found at CONVERSATIONS.WESTCHESTERLIBRARIES.ORG.  You can ask us your questions regarding any of these programs by calling (914) 361-5252 or using the site’s live chat and email.


There’s a lot of information going around; we’ve gathered, selected, and continue to update information that answers the most frequent questions on COVID-19, obtaining a vaccine, and getting tested.  Want to know where to look for authoritative health information? Start here.


Counselors are available to listen and to help. They can guide and connect you to local, state, and national programs that can assist you with current challenges. Services are free and confidential and are available in English and Spanish.


The prolonged pandemic has challenged all of us – in ways both big and small.  If there was ever a time to take a breath and practice self-care, it is now.  WLS offers free instruction in simple breathing exercises that have been proven to reduce the experience of stress and increase the sense of calm and well-being.  The exercises work for all ages and abilities.  No special gear needed.