President Thomas Jefferson by Assemblywoman Sandy Galef

220px-Reproduction-of-the-1805-Rembrandt-Peale-painting-of-Thomas-Jefferson-New-York-Historical-Society_1The following blog post was written by a special guest of the Westchester Library System, Assembly District 95 Assemblywoman, Sandy Galef.

“I have always been impressed with President Thomas Jefferson. I was a graduate student at the University of Virginia, a school developed by President Jefferson, and my personal view of his multi-faceted life made me admire him even more. The University of Virginia is one of his outstanding architectural and educational achievements. In addition, I was amazed at many of his inventions which one can view at his home, called Monticello. He was both an important Founding Father and an extraordinary President.”


Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, 95th Assembly District