Laptops, Tablets and Ultrabooks, Oh My!

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If you love technology it’s a great time to be in the market for a new mobile device.  There are so many new laptops, tablets and smart phones on the market now one could spend every moment from now until New Year’s Day trying to decide what to buy.  Here are some things to consider when buying that new device.

Laptops vs. Tablets: Many people struggle with the decision of buying a laptop or tablet.  “Will a tablet do everything you needed to do?  Do I wanna lug around a full size laptop?  I don’t need a laptop, I love my smart phone, I just want a bigger screen!” These are all things that go on inside our internal dialogue when shopping for that new device.

You’re not alone!

Lately, the decision to buy a tablet over a laptop is becoming easier.  If you’re an Apple user and use your computer for basic functions such as Internet browsing, word processing, e-mail and chatting, the answer is an easy one.  The iPad is a cheaper, more portable, and equally as functional replacement for the old laptop.

However, if you’re not an Apple user and don’t want to become one, you have many options available to you.  Microsoft has recently released Windows 8.  Fully functional, touch friendly, and available in a wide range of new devices, it may just be the perfect choice to replace the old laptop.

New technology from Intel has also brought to market a line of new devices called ultrabooks.  These new devices feature the power of a laptop with the convenience of the tablet in one device. Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, Sony and many others, have devices on the market with these new features and technologies.

If you have an Android smart phone and are comfortable with its functionality and just want a bigger screen, you may want to consider an Android tablet.  It’s like your smart phone with a bigger screen.

If you still struggle with what to buy, the best advice I can give is to visit your local electronics store.  Usually all it takes is a few minutes with your hands on the device to tell if it will work for you.  You should be able to intuitively use a tablet within 5 minutes without instruction.  If after 5 minutes it is not an intuitive experience, then the device is probably not for you and I would recommend checking out a different device.

There are so many different devices on the market that there surely one for everybody.

Rob Caluori, Director of Information Technology