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Volunteers in our Westchester Public Libraries

Volunteers make good things happen.  This is especially true in the Westchester’s public libraries.  Here’s one example: the GED Connect! program.  I spent last Saturday listening to a dozen volunteer GED Tutors brainstorm about how to do their work even better.   GED tutors make an amazing impact in the lives of county residents by providing free one-to-one assistance in preparing for GED exams.  What stopped me in my tracks was being reminded that, oddly enough, the exam isn’t the point.   As about 20% of Americans know, stuff happens that can derail getting a high school diploma.  So what really matters is that adults who circle back to get that diploma are supported and positively engaged in what the GED represents – a commitment to learning at any stage of life.  As one volunteer said:  “Whether they ultimately take the test or not, I know at the end of a session I’ve done something good because the student is excited about having learned something new.”

Public libraries and life-long learning – yup, we make it happen.

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