Free Professional Development Webinars

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For all of you current and future librarians… mark your calendars. Here are some professional development webinars that might be of interest. All of these webinars are free of cost – yes, that’s right, they’re free!

Oct 2 – Tuesday @ 10-11am:                       Business Insights: Essentials +

Oct 2 – Tuesday @ 1-2pm:                           Graphic Novels for Teens and Tweens *

Oct 2 – Tuesday @ 2-3pm:                           Booklist Webinar—What’s New in Series Nonfiction: Fall 2012

Oct 11 – Thursday @ 2-3pm:                       Booklist Webinar—Warm Up to Reading: Getting Kids Hooked on Books

Oct 15 – Monday @ 2-3pm:                         Makerspaces: A New Wave of Library Service – Westport (CT) Public Library

Oct 16 – Tuesday @ 3:30-4:30pm:             Booklist Webinar—Common Core & More: Surprising Reasons to Go Graphic

Nov 19 – Monday @ 2-3pm:                        Makerspaces: A New Wave of Library Service – Cleveland Public Library

Dec 3 – Monday @ 2-3pm:                           Makerspaces: A New Wave of Library Service – Detroit Public Library

Jan 7, 2013 – Monday @ 2-3pm:                Makerspaces: A New Wave of Library Service – Carnegie Library (Pittsburgh, PA)

* provided by New York State Library & the New York Council for the Humanities

+ NOVEL ny database provided at no additional cost to NYS libraries and residents


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