This #GivingTuesday, Help Us Support Digital Equity and Access for All

COVID-19 has touched everyone –we are all struggling to meet the challenges that a pandemic brings, its losses, its anxiety, its uncertainty. It has also put a spotlight on the economic and educational inequities in our community. Now more than ever, as work, school and social life have become more virtual, the digital divide has broken open this vast and complex issue. We are asking for your help. Let’s work together to bridge the digital divide, reduce isolation, and keep students learning. Give to the Westchester Library System’s #GivingTuesday Campaign to support digital equity and access – we promise your support will make a meaningful connection.

Yes, broadband is in every community, but not everyone is connected. Many Westchester residents do not have digital devices and/or Internet connections. Exact numbers are hard to determine (although we are trying) but we estimate that it is in the thousands. Right now, most public use computers, where hundreds of patrons have accessed the Internet for schoolwork, jobs or information are unavailable now due to COVID closures. Yet remote working and distance learning depend on Internet connections. WLS wants everyone to have access to digital learning tools, job and career information, and other resources so that everyone can reach their highest potential.

Imagine – searching or applying for a job on your smartphone, sharing one Chromebook with your siblings doing homework, or sitting in the library parking lot to access the Internet? No games or streaming online, not being able to connect virtually with family, neighbors and friends? Don’t our neighbors deserve better?

Westchester County is often listed as one of the “wealthiest” counties in the United States. Its cities, villages and towns often make “Best Place to Live” lists but digital inequity is an issue we must address. Let’s start locally – neighbor to neighbor. We can do this. I challenge Westchester to make the most caring, compassionate and charitable list and bridge the digital divide – and bring what is needed to anyone who wants to be connected during this challenging time!

Your donation, no matter the amount, is appreciated! To donate, please click here. Westchester Library System is a 501(c)-3 non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.